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Run Requirements

To run IDC you will need:

Build Requirements

Parts of IDC are automatically generated. If you want to modify the IDC source, you may also need:

Installation Instructions

Windows Instructions

For a quick test-drive of IDC you can download and run the self-contained package for Windows, and then run the idc.bat.

There is not Windows installer at the moment, so you will have to download the source code from above.

If you prefer a leaner installation, then:

C:\Python25\Scripts\easy_install.exe pyparsing

C:\Python25\Scripts\easy_install.exe -f pydot

If you don't have Python installed, a simpler option is to download and install Python Enthought Edition. It is a big a download, but it already includes most of the dependencies above, except GTK and PyGTK.

Debian/Ubuntu Instructions

apt-get install python-gtk2 python-pyparsing python-pydot graphviz

apt-get install cantlr